The Chefz to join Jahez Group

Jahez celebrates listing of its shares and commencement of trading on the Saudi Exchange

[Argaam] Jahez gets CMA’s nod to up offer shares on Nomu to 1.89 mln

[Al Arabiya] Jahez is the first Saudi technology company to choose HSBC to manage its IPO

[Al Arabiya] Ghassab Al Mandeel, CEO of Jahez International Company: Offering 13% of the company through the issuance of new shares.

غصاب المنديل الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة جاهز الدولية: طرح 13% من الشركة عبر إصدار أسهم جديدة وتخارج من حصة مساهمين. #اكتتابات #السعودية — الأسواق العربية […]

[HBR Arabic] What is the importance of Jahez being the first Saudi technology company to offer its shares for public subscription?

ما أهمية أن تكون “جاهز” أول شركة تقنية سعودية تطرح أسهمها للاكتتاب العام؟

[CNBC Arabia] Jahez confirms its intention to proceed with an initial public offering on the parallel market

[Al Arabiya] Jahez intends to offer 13% of its capital in the Nomu market

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