Where is Jahez International Company for Information Systems Technology (“Jahez” or the “Group”) planning to list?

The Group is planning to list its ordinary shares on the Saudi Exchange’s Parallel Market (“Nomu”).

What is the transaction structure?

The Group will proceed with an initial public offering of 1,363,934 Shares, representing 13% of the Group’s share capital post-listing.

The offering consists of a 4.5% secondary offering by way of a pro-rata selldown by existing shareholders, and an 8.5% primary offering, in addition to an allocation of up to 15% of the Offer Shares as an over-allotment to implement the price stabilization mechanism.

Who is eligible to subscribe?

The Offer Shares will be offered for subscription to two tranches: a.) (Institutional) Qualified Investors and b.) (Individual) Qualified Investors who hold an active portfolio, which has been activated to trade in the Saudi Exchange’s parallel market (“Nomu”).

(Institutional) Qualified Investors

This tranche comprises the following:

  1. Capital Market Institutions acting on their own behalf;
  2. Customers of a Capital Market Institution authorized to perform management activities, provided that the Capital Market Institution has been appointed under terms that enable it to make decisions to accept participation in the Offering and to invest in the Parallel Market on behalf of the customer without the need for his prior approval;
  3. The Kingdom’s government, any government agency, or any international body recognized by the CMA, the Exchange or any other capital market recognized by the CMA or the Depository Center;
  4. Government-owned companies, whether investing directly or through a portfolio managed by a Capital Market Institution authorized to perform management activities;
  5. Companies and funds established in GCC countries;
  6. Investment funds;
  7. Non-resident foreign investors who may invest in the Parallel Market and meet the requirements set out in the Guidance Note for the Investment of Non-Resident Foreigners in the Parallel Market;
  8. Qualified foreign financial institutions;
  9. Any other legal persons who may open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account with the Depository Center; and
  10. Any other persons defined by the CMA.


(Individual) Qualified Investors

This tranche comprises natural persons who may open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account with the Depository Center and meet any of the following criteria: (a) have made transactions in the securities market with a total value of not less than forty million Saudi riyals (SAR 40,000,000) and not less than ten (10) transactions per quarter during the past 12 months; (b) the value of their net assets is not less than five million Saudi riyals (SAR 5,000,000); (c) is working or has

worked in the financial sector for at least three (3) years; (d) has a CME-1 approved by the CMA; or (e) holds a professional certificate in the securities business approved by an internationally recognized body.


How can I subscribe?

In addition, we recommend discussing any investment-related queries with your financial advisor.

When will the final offer price be announced?

The final offer price for the Offer Shares will be announced at the end of the book-building period.